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How to choose the right international school for your child
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Do you know what your child needs to ensure they can thrive in school?

What are the reasons to choose an international school for my child’s education? Is choosing an international school pathway worth it? With so many options available, how can parents evaluate if a school will be the right fit for their child?

At world-class international schools like Concordia International School Shanghai, we understand that when the right tools are available, students are primed to reach higher levels of academic, personal, social, and professional success. 

This simple formula will help guide parents to find the right school for their child.

What are the elements of the formula for student achievement at an international school?

Here are the characteristics of the best international schools:

Diverse Educators

A team of diverse educators with decades of teaching experience from all over the world

Student Services

Robust student services designed to treat each student as an individual and apply a unique approach to supporting students in ways that best serve their needs and goals

Values Based

A strong moral foundation. Positioned as either a non-profit or values-based organization, with an emphasis on thoughtful service to others


Academic results that compete with top schools from around the world, with a holistic curriculum inspired by the best that education has to offer

The Formula for Student Success

Academics that match top schools around the world

At the best schools around the world, learning is more than just what’s written in a textbook. A holistic education orients students to become lifelong learners. It emphasizes deeper learning instead of simply imparting concrete knowledge and textbook material. Holistic education recognizes that educating a child goes beyond academics by promoting the growth of all areas of human development, including intellectual, emotional, social, and moral arenas. 

Holistic education looks different than what many parents might be accustomed to in terms of what learning can - and should - look like. What are the similarities and differences between Chinese and American education? Learn more about how your child can benefit from an education at a school with an American curriculum here. 

Our holistic approach to learning encourages students to explore the subject matter in deeper, more meaningful ways. When learning is applied to real-world situations, students  develop more than just competitive grades and knowledge. 

At Concordia Shanghai, our Schoolwide Learning Outcomes showcase how we foster learning that lasts. 

In a partnership between students, teachers, and parents, we provide a variety of rich experiences within a balanced framework of a holistic philosophy that is intentional from early childhood to high school.

Academic excellence guided a team of dedicated counselors and support systems

Students don’t journey alone on the road to college. Guided to support our students in finding their “Best Fit” school, our team of college counselors are a key component in the formula for student success. Learn more about the Formula for Student Success at Concordia Shanghai here.

Through a network of student support services, including college counselors, student counseling, language support and more, parents can trust that Concordia will provide a strong foundational education within a framework of expert guidance designed to maximize each student’s potential. 

Meet Dakota, a Concordia Shanghai alumni who, with the support of her college counselor, found her best fit university at Dartmouth. 

Benefits of a values-based education

A values-based, holistic education results in students who care about the world around them. Rather than focusing solely on the academic development of our student body, our school operates within a faith-based framework that provides students with a strong moral foundation upon which they can develop skills that enhance their academic and personal experience. Discover 3 reasons to choose values-based education here.

Through service learning, our students develop valuable lifelong skills, including:

  • Collaboration 
  • Investigation
  • Gratitude
  • Personal empowerment
  • Global citizenship 
  • Selflessness

Meet Sophie, another Concordia Shanghai alumni whose post-secondary pursuits exemplify the deep learning our students accomplish. 

By intentionally seeking out ways our students can engage in local or global issues through meaningful service learning opportunities, we empower them to embrace their role as leaders, setting them on a path as reflective spiritual beings.

An international team of expert educators

What are the characteristics of a great educator? Great teachers can make a significant difference in the lives of their students. As a school that derives strength from our strong community of caring and passionate faculty and administrators, our educators are the foundation of who we are. 

Educators are one of the essential reasons to choose an international school like Concordia Shanghai. Learn more about how great teachers support student learning here. 

We believe that effective teaching fosters learning that lasts. 

Meet Karis, who says Concordia Shanghai “excelled” at delivering a holistic education that helped her reach her full potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ at Concordia Shanghai

Do you still have questions about how to choose the right international school for your child? Discover our FAQ guide below, filled with helpful, relevant information to help guide your decision and discover why more and more families are choosing an international school pathway for their children. Click below to access Concordia Shanghai’s Admissions FAQ. 

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Meet Louise, a Concordia Shanghai alumni who is now working towards her goal of becoming an orthopedic surgeon.