What is the formula for student achievement?

Do you know what your child needs in order to thrive in school? 

At Concordia International School Shanghai, our decades of teaching experience informs everything we do. Equipped with this knowledge, and guided by experts in education, we deliver an academically rigorous curriculum alongside intentional co-curricular experiences that propels students to become the best they can be. 

Find Your Formula at Concordia International School Shanghai. Fill out the form and download “The Formula for Student Achievement” eBook here. 

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We Know What it Takes

As one of the best international schools in China, we know what it takes to help your child excel. We’ve broken it down into five key elements:

A rigorous, yet flexible American curriculum

Access to relevant student support services

Counselling support

Based on unique divisional and individual requirements

Specific college counselling

To help students find their “Best-Fit” school

a range of co-curricular activities

To inspire and ignite passions